Regarding why people chose St Peter's school we received many wonderful comments. Here they all are.

"My husband and I both went to 12 years of Catholic school.  We want our children to be able to pray in school go to church and be able to talk about God.  Why St. Peter's? The love and care provided by the faculty and administration is unbelievable."

"St Peters has been home to us for many generations of our family. Our children love it here. Teachers and staff are great."

"The tuition rate was lower than any other Catholic school. I sacrifice with my budget to make it happen sending my child to St Peters. My daughter has done well since attending St Peters. Who says high tuition is better education. NOT TRUE!"

"We chose St Peters because it was our parish and also because I went to school there. We would pay the increased tuition to keep our kids at St Peters. "

"Because of the wonderful faculty. I also attended St Peters long with 6 siblings. The family atmosphere is evident at St Peters."

"We are members of the parish.  If the school should close we will be joining a different parish.  My daughter is also the third generation to be attending St. Peter's School.  We will do everything in our power to keep the school open."

"Great spirit great people great education in the Catholic tradition"

"We chose St Peter's school for our children because of the family atmosphere and the small closeness of the parish.  I love the teachers they are very special and always willing to lend a helping hand.  They are always there for the students."

"I chose St.Peters because I wanted my son to have a good education, one that includes the catholic teaching church and God. My son loves St.Peters and we are proud of both his accomplishments academically and religiously."

"The low tuition location and most important the caring wonderful staff. St Peters and all of the children are part of our family now."

"I chose St Peters because of the affordable tuition and to stay with St peters because of the good education my child is receiving."

"I like the close caring environment and the closeness to my work. The teachers and principal are always readily available."

"To provide our children with a Catholic education including values and morals. Also to participate in receiving sacraments."

"My son who was only 3 did not stop talking about Mrs. Cinti in the Pre-K room.  He was so excited.  My husband and I were also impressed with the staff and the warmth you feel at the school."

"Tuition increase would be worth St Peters education. Class size wonderful staff who knows not just the students but also their family."

"St Peters school is more like a family. Everyone knows one another and the teachers are great. My daughter has received all the help she needs in her studies and I am grateful for that."

"I was not happy with Riverside Elementary School."

"Because it was the small school with the big heart."

"Felt that the school would nurture my son and also help to strengthen good character moral and values."

"I would love to remain there but I need to get where my budget stays the same. It was explained to me it was a great school and the price was reasonable."

"St. Peter's is different as it is a very close-knit school it has a family-like atmosphere that other schools lack.  "

"St Peters came as a recommendation. This was our first year in Willingboro and our child has never gone to a public school. I did not know of any other schools. However we will be looking into other options."

"I feel very strongly about the quality of St Peter school! The true family heart bond felt when interviewing schools 6 years ago. True warmth and care about my child. Location. Cost."

"Friendly atmoshpere easy access to public transportation."

I graduated from St. Peter's and then went on to Riverside High School.  I am sending my children to St. Peter's to continue the "tradition."

"It was our Parish School and we would want to stay with our parish."

"It came well recommended."

"For the personal attention and care by all the faculty and staff and great teachers."

"The proximity to our house."

"We would like our child to graduate from St Peters. Many family members have received their elementary education from St Peters. We like the friendly feel cost and tradition."

"We believe in Catholic education and the spiritual exposure that St. Peters School offers our kids. We also like the teacher/student ratio per class and greatly appreciate the dedication and attention that the faculty and staff provide to our children. "

"I graduated from St. Peter's."

"Catholic education small class size and closer to home."

"We choose St. Peter's School because I lived in Riverside all of my life and when I was a child my brother and  I both attended. "

"Catholic values discipine prayer."

"Family history--myself my mother grandmother grandfather and son  graduated from there.  We like it!"