Teacher:  Mrs. Patricia McSloy
Mrs. McSloy's bio:   I graduated from Glassboro State College with a dual major in Early Childhood/Elementary Education.  I have 20 years' experience in teaching.   After teaching at a Head Start center, I taught 1st and 3rd grades at St. Peter's, then moved on to teaching learning-disabled students in a small private school in Lumberton.  10 years ago I retured to St. Peter's as a 2nd-grade teacher.  I truly enjoy teaching in a parochial school.

Every day is a journey when you teach.  You never know what the day will bring.  Sometimes we reach our destination and other days we might take a little detour to get where we're going!  It's such fun showing my 2nd graders how to do things in a way they may never have thought themselves.  We do lots of hands-on activities and projects.  At the end of the year, I feel so proud of their accomplishments (and a tug at my heart in letting them go!)  I enjoy my summer but am always anxious to begin my next journey!

Funniest Moment in Class:  I asked the class to open their Reading workbooks to a certain page.  As I was getting up from retrieving something I dropped, I heard a loud, "I'M DONE!" followed by his closing his book and folding his arms over his chest.  Taken aback, I replied, "What do you mean you're done?  I didn't even give the directions yet!"  As I was walking over to the student, I heard laughter.  Looking across the hall, Sister was laughing hysterically at the situation she overheard in my classroom.  It took all I had not to join in with her to regain my composure to continue.


Teacher:  Mrs. Patricia Randazzo
Mrs. Randazzo's bio:  I began my teaching career at St. Peter's in 1989 when the youngest of my three daughters was in first grade.  I teach third grade.  It is a self-contained classroom and I teach all of the major subjects.   Teaching is an opportunity to share in the growth and development of a mind eager to absorb all that there is to learn.  To be a part of their struggle as they learn a new concept, and to witness their success is the reason why I enjoy teaching.

Funniest Moments:

Try as all teachers do to prepare for situations that test our readiness, there are times when working with children you truly never know what they will say or do. Once, as the students were preparing to leave for the day, a few students noticed a brown liquid coming out of a lunch bag.  The brown liquid was ice cream a student had purchased for his little sister.  He was very upset but not because it melted, for he was aware of the concept of melting and freezing, but it was leaking.  It was the packaging of the product that upset him, because it failed to keep the product intact.  I see a future quality control supervisor.
It has become a tradition in third grade to perform in two plays, one for a Halloween and the other at Christmas.  It is only natural for a student to be a little nervous before a performance.  One student wanted so much to be the ghost in the Halloween play but his anxiety was making him ill.  He was willing to take the chance if he could carry a bucket under his sheet.  He said, " I'm OK, I have my bucket."  As in Hollywood, the show must go on and it did and so did the ghost.  But the bucket didn't, it was forgotten off stage and never to be used again.


Teacher:  Mrs. Maryann Moszczynski


Sister Joan Eileen