Middle-school students at St. Peter's School benefit from a departmental approach.  Their teachers are specialists in literature, history, science and mathematics.  Religion and language-arts classes are taught by the homeroom teachers.


Teacher:  Ms. Bonnie Burns
Homeroom:  Grade 6
First-Year Teacher; Graduate of Richard Stockton College with a B.A. in Education and Psychology.
Ms. Burns states:  I enjoy teaching because I enjoy interacting with all of the students on a daily basis.  I enjoy helping the students realize the wonderful potential they all possess.

Teaching goes beyond reading from a textbook. Students learn by interacting with one another, trying new things, and being involved in the learning. As a teacher I am able to help the students learn new information and learn know how to apply that information in daily life.

I believe the purpose of education is to give students the ability to learn and grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and to mature as individuals.  St. Peter’s School allows students to do just that.

Funniest Moment in Class:

We were starting a new section in our literature class and at the beginning of every new section we take notes about the important information we will be covering. I was standing in the front of the class ready to begin when a student asked if he could be the teacher for the day.

One of the skills I am teaching the students is how to separate the important and relevant information from the information that is not needed. So, I said yes, but on one condition – he had to take it seriously.

At first there was some goofing around, but then the “teacher” began calling on other students. The class was able to pull most of the important information that they would need to know out of the textbook.

During class there were of course some funny and silly things that the student did to act as “teacher”, for example the student gave me a detention. On the detention slip he checked off everything possible and then wrote “because I can”.

This was a very enjoyable class period. We laughed throughout the class but the students also were productive and had the opportunity to practice an important skill.


Teacher:  Mr. James Younglove
Homeroom:  Grade 8


Teacher:  Ms. Cathy DiPierro
Homeroom:  Grade 7


Teacher:  Mrs. Judy Rizzo
Homeroom:  Grade 8
Mrs. Rizzo's bio:  I grew up in Clifton, NJ and received my Bachelor's degree in education from Glassboro State College.  I taught fourth grade for a few years, then stayed at home to raise four children.  When my youngest was in first grade I was fortunate to be offered a position teaching 3rd grade here at St. Peter's.  I loved St. Peter's school and church community so much that a year later all my children began attending St. Peter's School.  While I loved teaching 3rd graders, after six years I "graduated" to the third floor, teaching math to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  Math is my favorite thing to do--and to teach--so more than 20 years later I am still enjoying teaching math.  Over those years I've also enjoyed teaching Social Studies, Science, English and Health, and learned much in the process.

God has given me many wonderful years to teach at St. Peter's, where many students, and their families, have enriched my life as well.